Supply of expensive RLNG from SSGC cause of inflated bills: KE Lawyer

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Proceedings on the case filed by K-Electric against Sui Southern Gas (SSGC) were held in the Sindh High Court. Honorable Justice Hassan Rizvi heard the legal counsels from both the sides and also awarded additional two weeks to SSGC to file their response to the rejoinder of KE to SSGC counter affidavit in the court.

K-Electric Lawyer, Barrister Ayan pleaded with the Honorable Justice Hassan Rizvi that supply of expensive RLNG is the cause of inflated bills for citizens of Karachi. The lawyer also maintained that due to inflated electricity bills the citizens of Karachi are being adversely impacted.

The KE Lawyer also maintained that in contempt of the Sindh High Court’s earlier orders from 2018, the SSGC has acted unilaterally and stopped supply of indigenous gas for power generation to K-Electric. The legal counsle further pleaded with the Honorable Court to initiate contempt of court proceedings against Managing Director of SSGC.

“According to the order of the Honourable Sindh High Court dated 13th June 2018, 130 mmcfd of natural gas and 60 mmcfd RLNG will be provided by SSGC. However, the supply of cheaper indigenous gas remains suspended from SSGC to KE till 8th May 2022. The suspension of local gas supply to KE was the main reason for a sharp increase in electricity bills and also the root cause of the power shortfall in Karachi. KE has also sent legal notices to SSGC on 11 October 2021 and 6 May 2022”, Barrister Ayan further informed the Honourable Court.

While the court on 13 June 2018 had ordered SSGC to continue the supply of 130 mmcfd IDG gas and 60mmcfd RLNG to K-Electric, any non-compliance to the court orders falls under the contempt of court and is also a breach of the Article 158 of the constitution, Barrister Ayan further argued.

The legal counsel from the SSGC further sought a time of further two weeks to deliberate and submit their response.

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