New ‘super variant Covid-22’ could be more lethal than Delta, expert claims


An expert has warned that a new variant of coronavirus dubbed “Covid-22” could be more dangerous than the Delta variant that has spread all over the world.

Immunologist Professor Doctor Sai Reddy of the federal technology institute ETH Zurich, Switzerland, believes that combination of existing strains could cause another dangerous phase of the pandemic that has already claims nearly 4.5 million lives across the world since it erupted in early 2020.

He said that “super variant” could emerge next year and unvaccinated persons will be more vulnerable to it.

“The viral load of Delta is so great that anyone who has not been vaccinated and who is infected with the variant can be a super spreader,” the Mirror quoted him as saying.

Prof Dr Reddy emphasised that all children should be vaccinated, adding that the jabs, according to studies, are safe for children aged under 12.

He warned that the unvaccinated people could be super-spreader.

Prof Dr Reddy added: “It is very likely that a new variant will emerge where we can no longer rely solely on vaccination.

“That is why we have to prepare for several vaccinations over the next few years, which are constantly being adapted to new variants.”

He said the Beta and Gamma variants can partially avoid antibodies and while Delta is “much more contagious” it hasn’t “developed any escape mutations,” said the report.

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