‘Suicide note’ by Hyderabad school girl will leave you in tears!


A sixth-grade student committed suicide after jumping from the third floor of a private school in Hyderabad, sparking debate about mental health in children.

A CCTV footage of the heart-wrenching incident surfaced online showing the girl climbing the railing on the third floor and then jumping to the ground. It shows administration personnel approaching her but failed to stop her.

Lately, a note written before her death surfaced online, the authenticity of which couldn’t be ascertained. The 13-year-old penned her tragic life and revealed a glimpse of what she was going through.

Sharing her ordeal, the girl said ‘I hate my parents because first I was not allowed to take a break from tuition while having a headache’, in contrary to my sister who got special care.

She mentioned being scolded for watching content online, hinting at the unjust treatment meted out to her. Writing further, she mentioned that her sister was allowed to skip meals but she continued to bear the brunt for not having meals.

‘I hate my parents…I want to do suicide, and I am not that powerful,’ she mentioned before ending the note.

As the suicide note is doing rounds on social media; its authenticity remains uncertain while netizens are in shock about the extreme step from the school-going student.

Amid the outrage, people are stressing on the mental health of students which remains neglected.

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