MBBS student commits suicide after failing in exam


In a shocking incident, a final-year MBBS student of Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College committed suicide reportedly after failure in the examination in Sukkur.

According to the details, Tariq, a final-year student at the medical college, allegedly committed suicide after having failed in one paper. He also left behind a suicide note, in which he expressed his love for her mother and described the reasons behind his extreme act.

Talking to media, his brother, Raja Ghazanfar said that he had held a telephonic conversation with Tariq a day before he committed suicide. He said that Tariq was very disappointed and distressed after having failed in the paper.

Raja Ghazanfar said that his brother’s friend informed them that Tariq had committed suicide. He said that they were waiting for the investigations. Immense pressure might have caused him to commit suicide, he added.

Last year on 23rd of February, a final year MBBS student of Nishtar Medical University had attempted suicide claiming that he was intentionally failed during his viva test.

A video message had been issued from the student identified as Kashif Raza soon after he gained consciousness after being treated at the Nishtar Hospital.


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