Sui, Gas electricity load shedding continue

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi

Faithfull are facing uphill task due to un-announced load shedding of Sui Gas in the holy month of Ramzan at the time of Sehri and Iftari and are running pillar to post for the bread and other food items to bazaars or the cooked Sehri from restaurants.

Sui Gas load shedding is being done in most parts of the city which includes thickly populated areas like Nawansher, Malik Pura, Kunj Qadeem and Kunj Jadeed, Lower Kehal, upper Kehal, Shiekhulbandi and other surrounding area of the city.

supply has been stopped around 3.AM and is restored at 5 AM while in the evening it is suspended at 6.P.M and is restored at 9. P M. Due to low pressure in the city area, peoples has lodged complaints with Sui North but no action has been taken by the department and it has been done for the last few days.

In addition to Sui Gas, power supply is also disrupted time and again in the city many times with long intervals and business community is showing deep concerns especially tailors shops owners who could not stich the suits and are worried as the Eid days are nearing and are unable to complete their task. Due to power breakdown, water shortage is also reported in some areas.


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