Airstrike victims in Khost, Kunar ask for help


Seven days after the deadly Pakistani airstrikes on some parts of Khost and Kunar provinces, residents of these provinces are now asking the Islamic Emirate to help the victims’ families.

They say that in addition to the death of dozens of people in these attacks, they have lost all their possessions and call on the Islamic Emirate to do something about it.

“They (airstrikes) have harmed us a lot. We ask the Islamic Emirate to help us,” said Gol Wali, a victim.

“People here are very poor people, their houses were destroyed, their cars were burned and many of their members were martyred,” said Hazrat Allah, a victim.

Meanwhile, a number of Khost youth have begun collecting donations for the families of the victims of the recent attacks in Khost and Kunar provinces.

“They should collect money for the victims of the Khost and Kunar attacks from every shop so that they can be taken care of,” said Ehsanullah Sadat, a resident of Khost.

“To help the victims of Khost and Kunar, youth here are collecting donations from stores to help the victims of Khost,” said Naqibullah Zalan, a resident of Khost.

But Bilal Karimi, the deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, said efforts are being made to help the victims’ families.

“The Islamic Emirate is trying to cooperate with all the needy people who have been affected by war or natural disasters or other accidents, as necessary,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry recently called on Islamabad and Kabul to resolve their challenges through dialogue in response to Pakistani military airstrikes in Khost and Kunar provinces.

“Afghanistan and Pakistan are both China’s longtime neighbors and friends; We are confident that the two countries can resolve their concerns and disputes through dialogue and jointly safeguard peace and stability in the region,” it said.

Scores of people were reported killed in an airstrike by Pakistani forces in Sheltan district of Kunar province and Spiri district of Khost province, half of whom were children, according to some accounts.—Tolonews

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