Students, professionals sensitized to ‘Science Diplomacy’

Staff Reporter

The Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS) in collaboration with the Virtual University (VU) along with Pakistan Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a webinar titled: “Science Diplomacy” which was attended by hundreds of students and professionals from all over the world.

The webinar started with the recitation from the Holy Quran. President PNS Dr Imtinan Elahi Qureshi welcomed all the guest and participants.

While speaking on the occasion UVU Rector Prof Dr Arshad Saleem Bhatti said that the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of IT and Telecom and Universities are key partners in science diplomacy.

He said as a think tank we need to analyze our research-based approach towards science diplomacy.

To address National and global challenges most of the developed countries have initiated science diplomacy forum not only for their own benefits but also to help developing countries.

Some of the examples are Full Bright scholarship and Erasmus Mundus scholarship, our students must avail these opportunities to rise in the field of science.

Prof Dr Muhammad Aslam Baig threw light on “Bridging Gaps through Science Diplomacy; Pakistan’s Perspective”. He said that there are three types of science diplomacy which include science for diplomacy, science in diplomacy and diplomacy for science.

Among these three diplomacies, Diplomacy for Science is the most important and best example for this is ICTP, CERN and ITER.

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