Student faces horrific torture for not having pen



The process of imparting education to children is to develop the power to reason by removing all the fears, but what one can expect from the younger generation when they are tortured at schools for one reason or the other.
The latest incident from Arifwala reported where a child went through an unspeakable ordeal by his teacher, torturing him for not having a pen. It happened at Government High School Arifwala where the victim requested a fellow student for a pen as he didn’t have one. It angered Maqsood Ahmed who started thrashing him in the classroom. The barbaric teacher not only kicked and punched the student but also repeatedly slammed him on a desk while using abusive language. As a result, the student’s condition worsened.
In this scenario, it is not a surprise that the terrified student has now refused to go to school, again showing there is an urgent need to transform the environment at schools to make these institutions attractive for children. Meanwhile, this horrific scene frightened the entire class who felt unsafe after witnessing this treatment at a time when “Love not Beating” is written outside their school too just every other institution. —INP

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