Strict vigilance against devilish designs of India | by Muhammad Zahid Rifat


Strict vigilance against devilish designs of India

EVER since creation of Pakistan following partition of the sub-continent, political leadership of India somehow has not reconciled with the new independent state.

Right from the first Prime Minister Pandit Jawahir Lal Nehru down to incumbent Prime Minister of India and mass killer of Gujerat Narendra Modi all have been harbouring hostility and enmity towards Pakistan in their brutal attempts to destabilize it one way or the other.

In all fairness, the fascist RSS minded Modi has taken lead over all former Prime Ministers in fostering enmity against Pakistan promoting RSS philosophy of Hindutva by resorting to all tactics and measures.

Relations between the neighbouring countries over the years have been marred by fighting three wars, except brief interlude of when Desai took over the reigns or Vajpayee’s bus trip to Lahore, New Delhi throughout has been persistently and constantly trying to foment trouble in Pakistan through sponsoring terrorist attacks from the soil of Afghanistan and all other means to destabilise Pakistan.

As briefly mentioned earlier, New Delhi’s hostile attitude towards Pakistan has assumed new dimensions following coming into power of extremist BJP Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the cooperation of RSS as coalition partners trying to emulate Hitler like hostilities.

Modi-led India is involved in promoting anti-Pakistan agenda in many domains including state-sponsored terrorism, targeting its economy, using diplomacy, fomenting chaos, Kashmir and social issues as well as resorting to water aggression.

European Union based DisinfoLab has fully exposed India’s planned propaganda against Pakistan on the behest of the State of India.

Recently, European Union parliamentarians were invited to visit India’s Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) in a sponsored visit to create the impression all is well in its occupied territory where the whole population is living under the prolonged complete lockdown since August 5, 2019.

The parliamentarians, some of whom declined to undertake state-organized visit, were invited in their personal capacity bur were falsely portrayed as the European Union representatives.

Modi staged Pulwama attack killing his own 40 army jawans and blamed Pakistan for this act staged by him as an election stunt.

The Indian devilish designs against Pakistan have been clear in a brute attempt to check its capability of countering the India threat.

Besides frequently sending spy drones for gathering information, which were drowned by Pakistan Army, it was in the last week of February 2019 when India Air Force tried to launch air strikes.

But the way Pakistan Air Force very strongly retaliated shooting down two intruding Indian MIGs on February 27, 2019, one of which fell in Pakistan and its pilot was taken into custody and the other in IIOJK, was more than enough humiliation for Modi and his team of advisors soon after the Pulwama utter failure.

The Indian media trumpeted it as India’s success but Pakistan had provided proof of failure of the Indian plans to the foreign military observers based in Islamabad.

According to facts and figures available from official sources, the country has lost more than 70 thousand precious lives of civilians including women and children and officers and jawans of the Armed Forces of Pakistan and security institutions in the fight against terrorism, extremism and militancy besides suffering heavy economic losses also.

Pakistan has successfully won the war against terrorism during last 20 years as more than 18000 terrorists were killed and more than 1200 operations were carried out against terrorists outfits, large number of Al-Qaeda terrorists have also been captured or killed for ensuring global peace.

Official sources emphatically maintained that we are on the right path and will always be, the writ of the State is everywhere, no terrorist stronghold is found in the country, there are small unorganized groups here and there but there is no evidence of an organized infrastructure.

In order to chase, kill and eliminate terrorists from the sacred soil of Pakistan, operation Raddul-ul-Fasaad was launched with a two-pronged strategy involving the counter-terrorism and counter-extremism domain and it has successfully completed four years securing significant achievements through massive operations regularly and persistently being carried out, tribal areas now form part of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa province and rate of terrorist incidents was reported to have been reduced up to 45 per cent in 2020 as compared to the previous year.

As India persists with its proxy war against Pakistan, minimizing Muslims and other minorities in India, resorting to measures for turning predominantly Muslim majority into minority in its occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir and interpreting the Indus Basin Treaty suiting its evil designs of turning Pakistan into barren land (God-forbid ) by building dams on Pakistani rivers, persistent violation of Line of Control civil and military leadership of Pakistan has been and continue to ensure the strictest vigilance of devilish designs of India and effectively countering Modi ‘s hostile activities on all fronts.

At the same time, Pakistan is also apprising the world powers, international community at large, human rights organizations and all international forums about India’s false and fake propaganda against it pointing out New Delhi’s intentions endangering the region’s peace and stability and dangers and threats which are looming large on the horizon if Indian fascist ruler Modi is not checked, pressurized and stopped from indulging in hostile acts against Pakistan ignoring the fact that both neighbouring countries are nuclear powers.

Pakistan continues to exercise restraint to ensure peace here and beyond the borders is not threatened despite Indian hostilities and people of Pakistan continue their march onwards on path of progress and prosperity by remaining vigilant and determined to ensure national security, stability and peace at all costs by remaining vigilant as they have always been along with those treading the corridors of power.

—The writer is Lahore-based columnist and (Retd) Deputy Controller (News) Radio Pakistan Islamabad.

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