Strengthening of media cooperation under Belt and Road initiative

Staff Report

Friends of BRI Forum- an initiative of Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies organized a special webinar on “Strengthening Media Cooperation under Belt and Road Initiative” in order to promote strong media linkages and professional development amongst the countries in parallel to the Belt and Road Initiative.

The speakers of the webinar were in agreement that there is a strong need for media linkages on BRI countries to promote and counter the misinformation and promote understanding about BRI and its benefits to the groups and communities across the world. Ms. Ke Ye, media managing editor of In Zhejiang Media Group, moderated the webinar.

Apart from introducing speakers Ms. Ke Ye highlighted the importance of promoting media linkages amongst BRI countries. Ms. Farhat Asif, President of Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies shared the insight about Friends of BRI Forum.

She said that these are series of Webinars that IPDS will continue to host in future. She said Pakistan is a principal beneficiary of BRI as CPEC is an important corridor of BRI.

Sarmad Ali, President of All Pakistan Newspaper Society said that there is a need to build strong media linkages and there is a need to have a “Media Corridor” on BRI. He has provided various ideas to strengthen the media cooperation on BRI.

Dr. Harvey Dzodin, Commentator on CCTV said that the youth can play a positive role by promoting human to human contact within the BRI countries.

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