Stray dogs’ case: Notice issued to Sindh govt for being absent from hearing


The Sindh High Court issued a notice to the provincial government for being absent from the hearing of a case on the vaccination and neutering of stray dogs. In a hearing on Wednesday, the government representative was absent after which the court issued notices to Sindh’s advocate-general and the secretary of the local government department.No one from the secretary’s office showed up for the hearing either. “Why didn’t anyone come today?” Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar asked. “It is surprising that no one even from the office of the advocate-general came.” The judge instructed that the presence of the representatives should be ensured in the upcoming hearings. “Ask them what’s the update on the vaccination neutering of stray dogs and what actions have been taken,” Jutice Mazhar remarked.The case has been adjourned till January 18. In the last previous of the case in November, the court expressed anger over the delay in the programme. Last year, after the number of dog bite cases in the province increased, the government launched a campaign to vaccinate strays to fight against rabies and control the dog population. The dogs are tagged after vaccinations.