Strategy prepared for timely disposal of offals: Najam Shah



The Sindh government has formulated a comprehensive plan to dispose of the remains of the sacrificial animals in a timely and effective manner.

Talking to media on this important subject, Secretary Local Government Engineer Syed Najam Ahmad Shah said that in view of expected rains during Eid-ul-Azha, the Sindh Local Government Department has implemented emergency measures under which special operations will be carried in all districts.

He said that the remains of the animals will be collected non-stop by the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board and later will be transferred to the landfill sites from the allotted 85 locations.

According to Najam Ahmad Shah, offals collected from streets, roads and other places will be transferred to Jam Chakro, Gondpass and Sharafi Goth landfill sites under SOPs which will be disposed of on scientific basis later.

Sindh Local Government Secretary said that Mama ParsiSchool, Kismat Cinema, Urdu Bazaar, Glass Tower, Boat Basin, Habib Bank Plaza, Garden Zoo, Khan Chowrangi, Agra Taj, Khada Market, Kakri Ground, ChakiWara and Mewa Shah has been designated as offals collection points in District South.

In District East Sunady Bazaar, Iqra University, Meat Market, UBL Flats, TP II, China Ground, Shaheed Millat Road, Urdu College Ground, Gilani Railway Station, Gulshan Sunday Bazaar, Napa, Mabina Town, jumma bazar, mosmiat and Fahad square has been set as offal collection points.

Offal Collection Points decided at Bhattai Abad, Meat Market, Future Moor and EidGah Ground in the limits Malir District, In District KorangiTasveer Mahal Cinema, Coast Ground Chowrangi, Five Thousand Road, Qayyumabad Ground, Inami Ground, RR Memorial Ground, Bukhari Factory, Farooqi Ground, Sitara Palace, Wireless Gate, Bait ul -Quran Zamzama, Pilot Gate, Model Gate and BarafKhana has been set as offal collection points, Orangi Graveyard, Aftab Ground, Farhan Ground, Kali Pahari, 4K Chowrangi, Khuda Ki Basti, TCF School, Grid Station, L1 and 5D Road, KarimiChowrangi, plot near Baldia DMC Office, Qasba GTS, Hazara Chowk, Chaman Cinema, Sher Shah Grave yard, MA Jinnah Road, Machhar Colony and ThandiSarak has been decided as offals collection points in District West/Kemari, LiaquatabadBridge,DakhKhana Police Station, EidGah Service Road, Sir Syed College Road, Sangam Ground, Sir Adam G Park, Grid Station Hussainabad, Farooq Azam Mosque, Asghar Ali Shah Stadium, Haideri Market Parking, 7C Bus Stop Buffer Zone , Government Degree College Sector 11-1 ,Bilal Ground Sector 11-C / 2 ,Car Bazaar Sector 11-D and  Bin Qasim Stadium Service Road Sector 5-G has been set as Offals Collection Points within District Central.

Najam Ahmad Shah informed media that the landfill sites of Jam Chakro and Sarjani have been designated to receive the offals collected from the Central and Eastern districts, while the offals collected from Kemari, West and District South will be shifted to Gond Pass Hub River Road Landfill Site.

The Secretary told that the Offals collected from District Malir and District Korangi will be delivered to GTS Sharafi Goth.

The Sindh Local Government Secretary clarified that special instructions have been issued by the Sindh Local Government Minister to all the district administrations including all the sub offices of local government department and all the institutions will discharge their responsibilities with full discipline and coordination.


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