Stop Israeli aggression


Tension is once again mounting in the Middle East because of naked Israeli aggression that is nothing but a free license to kill Palestinians as and when its extremist government likes.

A few days back Israeli forces killed ten innocent Palestinians and injured several others in the north of the West Bank which is being described as one of the most deadly days in the territory in years.

The response from the Palestinians was likely and Saturday saw two Israelis being shot and wounded hours after a gunman killed seven people outside a synagogue.

This leaves little doubt that the situation is going to further worsen in the days ahead with Israeli government further letting lose their troops on the Palestinians.

Indeed killing of civilians is not acceptable but it goes both for the Israelis and Palestinians. If the Palestinians will be killed then definitely retaliation will come.

If western countries believe in the self-defence of Israel, then it should also be acknowledged in case of Palestinians.

Though nothing good can be expected from the Jewish government, yet it is important to rein it from further persecution of Palestinian in order to take matters towards de-escalation.

Important capitals have a special responsibility in this regard to come forward to avoid the situation spiralling out of control.

Unfortunately every passing year is proving to be bloodier for the Palestinians. Ruthless policies of land confiscation, illegal settlement and dispossession are inflicting immense sufferings on the Palestinians.

While the Palestinians and Muslim countries firmly believe in two state solution of the Middle Eastern conflict, Israel wants one state solution predicated on apartheid and racial discrimination.

The US, which enjoys a great influence on Israel, would have to prove itself as an honest mediator for a just and lasting solution of this lingering conflict through negotiations that leads to realisation of legitimate rights of the Palestinians.

Those who committed heinous crimes against the Palestinians must also be tried under war crimes.

Muslim countries must fully stand with the oppressed Palestinians, not only in words but also in their actions.