Senseless sacrilegious acts


THERE is a strong resentment and outrage in the Muslim countries over continuous disgusting and shameless acts of desecration of the Holy Quran in Europe.

Regardless of condemnation in strongest words by Muslims, extremists and racist elements are carrying out their sacrilegious acts with complete impunity that clearly indicates double standards of the European governments.

In the latest despicable act, Danish politician Rasmus Paludin burned a copy of Holy Quran in front of a mosque in Denmark on Friday.

This is the third incident within a week. A day after Paludan had done so in Sweden, Edwin Wagensveld, who heads the Dutch chapter of a German anti-Islam group — tore pages out of the holy book in the Netherlands during a protest.

This leaves no doubt in our mind that these acts are deliberately being repeated to hurt sentiments of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world.

This indicates criminal and extremist mindset that exists in the European countries. This is not freedom of expression but an expression of their hate towards Islam and Muslims.

The acts have unambiguously exposed their real face. Such are double standards that denying holocaust does not come under the ambit of freedom of expression but considered a crime.

Desecration of Holy Quran or Holy personalities of Islam is something that Muslims cannot tolerate under any circumstances.

Given the sensitivities involved, the world community must move forward to criminalize blasphemous acts.

Those involved in recent Islamophobic acts must be arrested immediately before they commit another toxic act.

Holy Quran is the divine communication which is not only for the Muslims but the whole humanity and understanding it better would not only cleanse the soul but also environment of the whole planet.

It also narrates whole story of Prophet Jesus and Mary (PBUH). Those resorting to its contempt would definitely have not read it because if they did so, they would not have committed the offensive acts.

Responsibility rests with Muslim leaders as well as scholars to take such measures so that message of Holy Quran could reach far and wide. This will go a long way in removing misconceptions about Islam.