Still a myth ? | BY Adv Mujeeb-ur-Rehman


Still a myth ?

GLOBAL warming has been discussed widely in recent times and it has been politicalized worldwide.

Recent changes in the temperature and in climate which cost the lives of thousands of people’s shows how it is a great threat for the countries.

But still there is a rift between the people on global warming. There are basically two schools of thoughts on global warming; one considers it a myth while the other regards it as a reality.

Global warming describes the rise in atmospheric temperature so simply it can be defined as the atmosphere of the earth is becoming hotter day by day and it has been termed as a global warming so first school of thought regards this rising temperature is a myth; there are some scientists who believe that this is a fiction.

According to Jerry Falwell, “Global warming is a fiction that does not have connection to reality.

But the real debate emerged when former president of America Donald Trump said that global warming is completely a hoax.

He added that in different locations the concept of global warming was created by the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive.

He said that the people of America do not have to believe in global warming even though he withdrew from the Paris Agreement.

The US does not believe in this concept of global warming or climate change. The reason behind her denial is that this powerful country is industrialised and havs industries throughout the world which cause heavy amounts of carbon dioxide, CFC and other pollutants which give rise in atmospheric temperature.

For hethe US regards global warming as a myth. Coming to the second school of thought which believes that it is nothing more than a fact.

Former General Secretary of the United Nations Mr.Ban Ki moon said it is necessary to take critical actions against global warming.

Even former President of USA Barack Obama said it is the obligation of every country along with us to do something about it.

To determine whether it is a myth or reality we have to look at the signs and effects of global warming which clearly indicates that it is true.

Most important sign of global warming is the depletion of the ozone layer. Scientists have found that the whole ozone layer has the size of a continent which is even expanding on a daily basis due to the pollutant substances.

Due to that depletion of ozone, the ultraviolet rays impinge on this atmosphere and raise the temperature of the planet. Greenhouse impact is another metric for world agriculture.

Greenhouse impact also makes the surface of earth warmer. Furthermore, increasing industrialization is also a key factor of global warming.

People like farmers are sourced to shift factories and handicraft work has been shifted to the industries.

Industries are producing carbon dioxide in a huge amount which gives rise in atmospheric temperature.

These are some signs which prove that global warming exists. As we clearly observed that even in the month of November there was change in climate.

World has to be serious on this issue. Every country is obliged to do something about it. The UN must play a vital role in reducing the temperature by strictly implementing the limits which have been set by the UN.

If we do not do something our posterity will be put in jeopardy. And this planet will not be appropriate for living.

—The writer is practising lawyer, based in Karachi.