Standing by Kashmiris Jihad


ARRIVING back home on Sunday to a hero’s welcome after successfully presenting Kashmir case in the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister whilst addressing the charged party workers at Islamabad International Airport said supporting oppressed Kashmiris is Jihad and Pakistan will stand by them whether the world stood with them or not.
Undoubtedly, the way PM Khan has presented and pleaded the case of oppressed Kashmiris and unmasked the fascist and racist face of RSS and Modi is unprecedented and this is the reason that the festering Kashmir dispute stands internationalized and voices today are emanating from different quarters of the world voicing concerns over the plight of innocent and armless Kashmiris who have been locked up by the occupying forces in their homes since 5th of last month. The repeated words of support by Pakistani leadership indeed are a source of strength for Kashmiri people and we need to move forward with the same firm resolve and commitment to keep the dispute alive on the international radar. We can only effectively highlight the plight of Kashmiris only if there is unison in our ranks. It is really heartening to see the statement of PML (N) President Shahbaz Sharif who warned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make no mistake, as the Pakistan Government and Opposition are united like a rock on the Kashmir issue. The same sort of commitment with their actions needs to be expressed by the leaders of other political parties. Certain quarters are trying to find flaws in the speech of the PM to the UNGA but it is not going to serve any purpose as the entire nation is unanimous in saying that it is after a long time that Kashmir dispute was presented in such a forceful and eloquent manner at the world body. Standing and fighting against the injustice and the oppressor is the real spirit of Jihad and we can make this struggle successful by staying united whilst rising above the political differences. This is what the Kashmiris expect from their Pakistani brothers and sisters.

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