SSWMB sprays limestone at all collection points


Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) sprayed limestone at all collection points set up for disposal of remains of sacrificial animals.

A total of 84,232,000 tons of remains of sacrificial animals were dumped at the landfill site while the offal were safely buried in trenches on the directives of Managing Director SSWMB Zubair Ahmad Channa, said a statement on Wednesday.

The redressal of complaint has been ensured while further work is underway. In addition, work is underway to remove remains of animals and garbage from the areas.

All supervisors have been directed to visit the areas to check the sanitation situation.

According to other details, 36,370,000 tons of offal was dumped in Jam Chakro, 27,925,000 tons in Gund Pass and 19,937,000 tons in Sharafi Goth at the landfill site.


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