Spoiling the games for your own games ! | By Khalid H Lodhi, UK


Spoiling the games for your own games !

AFTER the shameful defeat of the Americans and their Allied forces in Afghanistan, now America has started a new game plan in the world.

America’s games have started of by certain countries in the West who have now decided to not participate in Pakistan’s most loved sports “cricket”.

Both New Zealand and England have refused to play cricket on the soils of Pakistan. Both countries gave an excuse of saying that they are concerned about their security due to the Afghanistan situation.

However this is not the case at all. Countries in the West are painting Pakistan to be a dangerous country, when in actual fact Pakistan is far from being a dangerous country!

Indian and American lobbies are working day and night to damage and destroy the successful and safe image of Pakistan.

One can not imagine that such civilised nations can damage other countries peaceful and safe image.

Pakistan is a nation which is a welcoming country who has welcomed people from all over the world in the past.

Pakistan is a safe country which has defence forces that eliminate terrorism in Pakistan and believe in nothing but respect and peace.

The announcement of AUKUS the military partnership between the UK, US and Australia is a very dangerous escalation in the West’s ongoing confrontation with China. Spreading nuclear technology is at the heart of the deal.

The US and U.K. are collaborating with Australia to provide her with nuclear-powered submarines.

This risk nuclear proliferation and is a breach of the nuclear non proliferation treaty. Peaceful and civilised people in the West are fully against this treaty, they are also very surprised on how and why these western countries got this agenda to destroy people’s loving game cricket in Pakistan.

Pakistan wishes and wants nothing but peace in Afghanistan and stability as well as wanting peace for the world.

So then why is the West worried about their safety in Pakistan? Lesson to be learnt by the former United Nations Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali, who said in the year 1995 “The world has turned away from Afghanistan, allowing civil war, ethnic fragmentation and polarisation to become state failure.

The country has ceased to exist as a viable state and when a state fails civil society is destroyed.

Generations of children grow up route less, without identity or reason to live expect to fight. Adults are traumatised and brutalised, knowing only war and the power of the war lords.”

Now the world has changed, there is no place for a great or a new game in this region by the USA because Prime Minister Imran Khan categorically said “Absolutely Not!”

—The writer is diplomatic and political researcher and journalist based in London.

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