Speeding dumper crushes motorcyclist to death


In yet another tragic incident, a speeding dumper crushed to death a motorcyclist at Tipu Sultan bridge in Karachi as the driver was able to flee from the spot.

The incident occurred at the Tip Sultan bridge when a speeding dumper ran over a motorcyclist, resulting in his immediate death. Soon after the incident, the driver tried to run away with the dumper and was chased by an enraged mob.

The dumper, later, overturned after covering a short distance owing to over speeding, however, the driver was able to run away from the spot.


The police have shifted the body of the motorcyclist to Jinnah hospital for medico-legal formalities as his identity has not yet been ascertained.

This is not the first such incident in Karachi where speeding heavy vehicles have deprived people of the city of their lives owing to reckless driving and underage drivers.

Recently, a speeding water tanker crushed to death a female student of Karachi University near Expo Centre in Karachi.

According to rescue sources, the speeding tanker hit a woman near Expo Centre, resulting in her immediate death.

“The body of the woman was shifted to a local hospital,” they said and added that during the identification process it emerged that she was a student of Karachi University.

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