Bus conductor slaps a female passenger


In a shocking incident, a bus conductor in Karachi was caught on camera slapping a female passenger during an apparent verbal brawl.

The police have yet to arrest the suspect despite identifying the bus and its owner.

According to details, the entire shameless act was captured on a CCTV camera of a nearby shop in Orangi Town. The video shows the bus conductor hitting a slap on the face of the female passenger during a heated argument.

The woman also tried to push her back as the conductor came out of the bus and continuously directed her to disembark the vehicle.

When the matter was raised with the Transport Ittehad President Irshad Bokhari, he said that he was unable to identify the suspect but assured that he would help in sending the conductor to jail if a complaint is lodged.

Meanwhile, as soon as the news was aired, the police found the vehicle and confiscated it. “The driver has assured to bring the conductor to him tomorrow,” the traffic police officials said and added, “strict action will be taken against the conductor.”


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