South Asian regional stability under threat due to Modi’s belligerent policies: Maria


Staff Reporter

The South Asian Strategic Stability Institute University organized a one-day national conference on nuclearization of Indian Ocean: Implications for South Asian Strategic Stability and Environmental Safety on Thursday. Dr. Maria Sultan, Chairperson and Director General South Asian Strategic Stability Institute University while delivering her welcome remarks stated that Thursday the South Asian regional stability is under tremendous threat due to belligerent policies pursued by the India under fascist Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who is challenging peace in the region; and is threat to international peace and security.
She stated that the illegal de operationalisation of the article 370 and revocation of 35a by the BJP government is a flagrant violation of United Nation Security Council Resolutions, Geneva Convention and the UN charter but more so it has made the 9 million Kashmiris stateless not through war but through legislation the Jammu and Kashmir reorganisation bill 2019. In Indian Occupied Kashmir, 9 million Kashmiris are held hostage under the information blackout and military power, she added.
Dr. Maria termed the imprisonment of 9 million Kashmiris as “buried alive” by the India. Furthermore, she stated that any misadventure or miscalculation by the Indian army would be met with unflinching resolve. Pakistan is a responsible nuclear weapon state but that must not be taken as a gesture of weakness. Any potential false flag operation conducted by the Indian military centred on airstrikes on surgical strikes will lead to the outbreak of large conventional war.
No war can remain limited an armoured divisions attack by India be it be in Rajasthan, Punjab whether in Multan, Lahore in Sialkot, will be met with effective counter response by Islamabad.
She said that the idea of capturing any territory in Pakistan is fraught with high risk of escalation and war, and so is the continued threat of war in the Indian Ocean; home to 70 percent of the world trading routes, 60 percent oil routes – a war in the Indian Ocean will be a war affecting the entire world. She concluded with the remarks that no crises and war will remain limited to a single domain.
Hammad Azhar, federal minister for economic affairs while addressing the conference stated that the abrogation of article 370 and 35A is an attempt to escape from the just solution for IOK. It is not a bilateral issue rather it is an international issue.

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