Ghani promises to provide basic facility to labourers


Staff Reporter

Sindh Minister for Information & Archives and Labor Saeed Ghani has said that the Sindh government desired to protect all the basic rights including Health, Education and Housing of all the working people and laborers serving in Sindh province.
He said that the social security program of Sindh province would be further expanded and it would include every worker and laborer who worked in Sindh province.
Provincial Minister for Labor said that the Labor Department of Sindh was in process of drafting legislation in accordance with our slogan “Social Security for Everyone.” He expressed these views while addressing a meeting in his office on Wednesday.
The meeting discussed in detail about the facilities and enhancements being provided to six lacs workers currently registered under Social Security in Sindh province.
Addressing the meeting, the Minister said that it was not only the vision of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari but also this was included in PPP’s manifesto that all workers and laborers serving in Sindh province would be registered to avail the facilities of social security.
He said that the scope of providing social security would be extended beyond industries and factories to other institutions.
Saeed Ghani said that in this regard the Sindh government not only had sought suggestions from economists like Dr. Kaiser Bangali and Karamat Ali, but also other sectors of the civil society had been contacted for suggestions to ensure that every laborer and worker working in the province could become a part of the Social Security Network.
Provincial Minister of Labor said that it was one of the aims of the Sindh government that every worker and laborer working in this province be provided with all the facilities that he had the right to avail.
Saeed Ghani said Sindh government was always working to provide all facilities including Education Health & Housing to the people of the province.
In this regard, we also look at the social security programs being practiced in other countries,” he said.
Addressing the officers in the meeting, Saeed Ghani emphasized that whatever resources needed for legislation in this regard should be provided to Dr. Qaiser Bengali and others in this regard.
Briefing the meeting on the occasion, Secretary Labor Abdul Rasheed Solangi said that on the directives of Minister of Labor Saeed Ghani, to do away with the difficulties being faced by the workers and laborers to get themselves registered for availing the facilities of social security being provided by the Sindh Employees Social Security Institution and Workers Welfare Board, special desks under officers of the labor department had been set up.
Secretary Labour said that any laborer or worker who was having difficulty in registering himself for Social Security could contact these special desks to get himself registered. Economist Dr. Qaiser Bengali, Labourers’ Leader Karamat Ali, President of PPP Labor division Sindh, Habib Junaidi, Labourers’ Leader Mansoor Aziz Nasir, Secretary Labor Abdul Rasheed Solangi, Commissioner SESSI, Kashif Gulzar, Director Procurement SESSI, Sadaat Memon, Secretary Workers’ Welfare Board Sindh Asif Memon and others attended the meeting.

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