SOS from Kashmir


Ashraf Ansari

Amid concerns, laments, urginggs and condemnations over the current tragic situation of Indian occupied Kashmir, the utmost urgency is to heed signals of extreme agony and distress from eight million Kashmiri people who have been subjected to brutal lock down since 04, August. While World leaders try to arouse sanity in Modi’s mindset, the incarcerated Kashmiris are faced with depleting availibility of essentials including life saving drugs as well as denial of emergency health care. The elderly, children and women suffer most. One is at a loss over lack of response from international relief agencies, especially the Red Cross to the acute sufferings of the Kashmiris’ under the Indian lock down. Red Cross and other relief agencies need to rush relief goods and services to address the acute suffering of the oppressed Kashmiri people.
The world leaders who are expressing concern and grief over the sufferings of the people in the Indian occupied Kashmir, Pakistan and Kashmiri diaspora abroad above all, must not pause anymore and move the International Red Cross to urgently engage itself for provision of emergency relief to the Kashmiri people in the IOK.
There are reports in New York Times and international media that there are growing number of fatalities in the IOK being caused by non availability of infant food and life saving drugs. The UN Secretary General and UN human rights body chief have been showing their deep concern over the tragic situation that has resulted from imposition by India of lock down in Kashmir. Prominent parliamentarians and human rights activists around the world are raising their voice in support of the Kashmiris of the IOK.
They also need to do whatever they can to ensure provision of emergency relief goods to the Kashmiri people in the kinds of food items and medicines.
The New York Times, a couple of days back, published a front page story to portray the dismal condition prevailing in the Indian Occupied Kashmir vale.
The prominent American Newspaper highlighted the tragic situation of IOK by reporting the death of a teenager Kashmiri whose mother left no stone unturned in her quest for treatment of her snake bitten son and to no avail.

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