Son of ‘political personality’ arrested after Defence torture video went viral


Police on Friday announced to arrest the son of an influential man, who was spotted in a video aired by private TV channels beating up a coffee shop’s staffers in Defence area of the city.


The police announced that they had arrested the youngster seen in the video after it went viral on social media. He is identified as Umair Husni.


The accused had claimed that he had a heated debate with the driver of a vehicle after being irritated from continuous honking of the horn.


He, however, rejected allegations of harassing a woman during the entire episode and said that he had a scuffle with the guard of a coffee shop after the latter tried to intervene during the matter.


The police confirmed that the arrested man was a son of a political personality hailing from Balochistan.Earlier it was reported that a son of a senator along with his armed guards tortured a hotel owner and issued threats in the city’s posh area of Defence. In a video aired, the boy along with his guards in a private dress can be seen torturing the hotel owner and the staff over a disagreement. Later, he also harassed a woman sitting at the coffee shop in DHA, said sources.


The influential man has been identified as Umair Muhammad Husni, son of Senator Amir Muhammad Husni.


According to the eyewitnesses, the vehicles in which Husni along with guards reached were having no number plates on them.