Solidarity with Kashmiris


OCCUPIED Jammu and Kashmir has been bleeding over the last 74 years and, especially during the last two years, Modi Junta has broken all records of brutalities and barbarism on the innocent Kashmiris. Given the eternal bonds of geography, culture, and religion, the people of Pakistan have always stood by their Kashmiri brothers and sisters in their just struggle for the right to self-determination.

To reaffirm that unflinching and unwavering support, the people of Pakistan are observing Kashmir Solidarity Day today (Friday) by organizing rallies, conferences, and seminars to highlight the plight of armless Kashmiri people and induce the attention of the global community towards Indian security forces oppressive and repressive tactics. Apart from its political nature, the Kashmir dispute has become a humanitarian issue. There is an organized campaign of genocide going on against the people of India-occupied Kashmir. This is indeed the darkest aspect of India, which the international community, major powers, and the UN are constantly ignoring. There is no doubt that the Kashmir dispute stands internationalized today mainly because of Modi’s own follies. Prime Minister Imran Khan has also forcefully raised the dispute at all the international forums including the UN General Assembly but a lot more needs to be done in practical terms whilst rising above lip service to supporting the cause of the Kashmiri people. Apart from pushing up our diplomatic efforts, we need to approach the international academia and universities in order to build a public opinion in support of the oppressed Kashmiri people. The National Kashmir Conference, held on Wednesday, came up with some very solid suggestions such as the formation of a political task force and the creation of a special seat of Vice Foreign Minister on Kashmir to fight the case of Kashmiri people at the international level. Since all the political parties share a united stance on the dispute, we expect the government to give a practical shape to these suggestions at the earliest. The political task force comprising members from all the parties should provide necessary inputs and guidance as to how Pakistan can more effectively and forcefully raise the voice of Kashmiris at the global level. It is also for the world community to shun its political and economic expediency and fulfill the promise made by the Kashmiri people for the right to self-determination. If the same right can be exercised by the people of South Sudan and East Timor, then why the Kashmiri people have been deprived of it.


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