‘Social, economic progress not possible without empowering women’



Economic and social development is not possible without empowering women and progress can not be possible by ignoring the rights of 52 per cent of the country’s population.

These views were expressed by Dean Institute of Public Health Prof Dr Zarfashan Tahir while addressing a seminar organized at the Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank to mark the International Women’s Day here on Wednesday.

She said the last Prophet of Allah (PBUH), used to stand up and welcome his beloved daughter Hazrat Fatima (RA) and used to kiss on her forehead, which showed the importance and respect of a daughter in Islam. She said that it was inevitable to give equal share to women in healthcare, education, business opportunities, government jobs and social rights and the difference between son and daughter should also be ended.

“If the daughter also has equal rights and opportunities of education, the daughters could also be able to support the family at par with sons, even more than them and they can play their effective role in economic activities,” she said.

Where women had these opportunities, they were working side by side with men and sharing the economic burden instead of being a burden on the society, she said.

Dr Zarfashan said that today all over the world women were using their talents in every field of life including medical science and banking sector, so women have to strive for their rights in male dominating society and men also as fathers, brothers and husbands have to understand the problems of women and help them to get their rights so that a progressive society could be formed and the country could prosper and progress.

Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank President Tahir Yaqub and other senior staff also participated in the seminar.