Snowfall stops in northern areas, Karachi shivers


The snowfall in Galiyat, Murree and other upper parts of the country has stopped and down south, the cold in Karachi has intensified with the mercury dipping to the single digits on Monday. The second spell of snow in Murree, Galiyat and other areas has stopped but the cold intensified. On Monday, the temperature of the northern areas was below -4 degrees Celsius.

Malka e Kohsar has received 3 feet of snow and Galyat 4 feet. On the other hand, roads have been blocked in the six districts of Azad Kashmir because of snowfall and heavy showers. Balochistan is also experiencing snowfall and rain. This winter Quetta has seen record-breaking snowfall, according to the Met Office.

A number of tourists headed to Hanna Lake, which has frozen over. But roads were blocked by snow. They have now been cleared, authorities have confirmed. Karachi’s weather today is likely to stay under the influence of chilly winds as the temperature dropped to the single digits.—INP

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