Snow-covered Burzil Pass opened for traffic


The snow-covered Burzil Pass has been opened for traffic by the Pakistan Army, it was reported on Sunday.

As in situations of natural calamities or accidents, the armed forces came to the field to meet the nation’s needs.

Burzil Pass is located 178 km from Gilgit and is an essential checkpoint for the Pakistan Army and the people of the region.

The pass is 13,808 feet above sea level and remains covered in snow for over half the year, from October to April.

It is the only route available to 61 villages and a population of 15,000 people in the area. Around 50,000 to 60,000 vehicles pass through Burzil Pass every year.

This year, the pass was closed in January and February due to the heavy snowfall. This March, the snow-covered Burzil Pass has been opened to the public by the Pakistan Army.

The soldiers worked tirelessly, day and night, to clear the snow. They continued their work even in the extremely cold weather of -30 degrees Celsius to make the opening of the pass possible.

Residents of the area thanked the Pakistan Army for their hard work in this initiative and appreciated their unforgettable effort.