SNGPL catches gas pilferer factory


SNGPL Special Task Force conducted a successful raid at a Plaster of Paris factory, located in village Wan Addhan, Pattoki, District Qasur and disconnected a direct bypass from site.
Raid was conducted on Friday, late night and caught the gas pilferer red-handed, involved using gas directly in a Plaster of Paris, manufacturing unit.
During the raid, it was found that a bypass of 2 inch diameter GI pipe was installed on 2 inch diameter main MS line through which pilfered gas was being used in 1 no drum dryer.
A heavy duty gas compressor was also installed on bypass line to boost up the gas pressure. The operation continued late at night, bypass was removed and line repairing was also carried out on spot.
The case is being processed for booking of volume as per SOP. Moreover, an application in the local police station had also been submitted for lodging FIR.

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