Snakes inhabit around relief camps as plains, deserts still under floodwater



The flood-hit people of Sindh are faced with a great deal of inconvenience, for the venomous snakes in large numbers have started inhabiting around their camps, posing a great threat to their lives.

It is learnt that the snakes, on account of the plains and deserts of Sindh being flooded, inhabit the places near the flood relief camps in search of food and dry land, which has caused the people in camps to fear for their lives.

“The snakes sneak into the camps quite often in the dark of night,” said the flood victims, living in the relief camps of Qambar Shahdadkot district.

“We do not even have charpoys. We and our innocent children sleep on the ground. We fear for our lives. The administration must take stringent steps for our protection from snakes,” they demanded.

Two die of malaria, gastro Shahdadkot The spread of gastroenteritis and malaria continues among the flood-affected people. Two more deaths due to gastroenteritis and malaria have been reported in a single day.

A woman died of gastroenteritis at a relief camp on motorway bypass. 55-year-old Rani Bhargari died in the camp due to lack of treatment.

On the other hand, four-year-old Shoaib Khosa, a resident of Somer Khosa village of Qubo Saeed Khan, died of malaria at a relief camp.

The number of total people, who died of gastroenteritis and malaria, has reached 39. One dies of malaria in Khairpur Nathan Shah

Due to the lack of medical aid, a citizen named Ghulam Sarwar Bhagio died of malaria in Khairpur Nathan Shah, Sindh.

No doctor was available for him; no medicine could be found. After the floods, the death toll due to diseases has risen to 31.

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