Smog counters in all Punjab hospitals established


Staff Reporter


Smog intensity has been increased manifolds in various cities of Punjab which has posed high risk for acute respiratory infection and eye ailments among people engaged in outdoor activities. There is an urgent need to make the public alerts for taking precautionary measures comprising of masks use, frequent hand wash and avoid excursions in smog weather.
In this regard, Government has launched comprehensive actions against smog by all the departments. Health Department has established smog counters in all hospitals of the province. Medicine and treatment facilities for the patients suffering from ill effects of smog are assured throughout the province.
Communities are advised to take precautionary measures to avoid smog by minimizing exposure to smog. Outdoor activities should be limited to the essential tasks and they should wear mask and googles.
Windows and doors should be kept closed to avoid smog entry in the indoor. Frequent had and face wash with is recommend to get rid of bad effects of smog.
Gargles with warm water offers soothing effect in case someone suffer from sore throat. Govt has also established free health line 0800 99 000 for the public to seek more information Any patient who suffer from smog should visit nearest health facility for medial help and treatment.