Smear campaign against national institutions unacceptable: Altaf



Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor here Friday said that ongoing smear campaign against our national institutions unacceptable. He said the fifth columnists are out there to undermine the respect of our institutions, and the nation should reject them.

He said that the most pressing problem of the country is the deeping economic crisis. He said the root cause of this problem is political instability. He said the elements that are fanning political instability are in fact the enemies of Pakistani economy. They is in the garb of political crisis, these elements are targeting the Pakistani economy to push the nation and country towards a bankruptcy. He said the nation should recognize the real faces of these fifth columnists who are befooling the nation and country with catchy patriotic slogans.

Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoo said it is high time to expose these elements and reject them out rightly. He said no conspiracy against the national institutions would be tolerated and the whole nation stands behind its institutions.

Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoosaid the fifth columnists are using not only the mainstream media but also social media to defame the national institutions and these elements should be taken to the task as per law and no sympathy should be shown to these anti-nation elements.Altaf Shakoor urged the political parties to sit together and sign a charter of economy. He said the nation cannot afford a deepening economic crisis.

He said price hike, food inflation and joblessness are already touching alarmingly high levels and it is the high time to forge political unity to fight the economic challenges.He said that the rehabilitation of the millions of flood victims is yet to be started. He said the main agenda of all political parties of Pakistan now should be to work to get our foreign loans forgiven.

Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoo said instead of seeking this loan relief, no political leader is even ready to talk on this crucial subject. He said we are not in the position to pay the foreign loans are start reconstruction of the flood hit areas at the same time.

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