Siraj appeals to masses for firm stand against status quo forces


The Ameer of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Senator Sirajul Haq held the ruling elite responsible for the miseries of the masses. He appealed to the people to take a firm stand against the forces of the status quo and put the country to track. While addressing students of Jamia Haqania Swat on Monday, he said that religious scholars, students of seminaries and universities must play their role to transform the country into an Islamic welfare state dreamt by country’s founding fathers. Sirajul Haq said the country had experienced military dictatorship and so-called democratic regimes for decades but the problems of the masses were still intact. Millions of people were even deprived of the basic facilities like clean drinking water, inflation and unemployment were rampant, institutions were on the verge of collapse and economy was deteriorating with every day passing, he added. The JI chief said the PTI also proved itself agents of the status quo, continuing the policies of the predecessors and burdening the country with billions of dollars foreign debt. A vast majority of the public was unable to meet the ends due to pro-IMF policies of the rulers. Provision of quick justice to poor and concept of supremacy of became dreams in the society. —INP