Sinking societies



ALIGHIERI or simply as Dante?(1265 – 1321), was an Italian poet who said “The darkest place in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of Moral Stress”. The ingenuity of a society so contaminated with time having lost all its values and subdued by the invincible remain to be in delusion unequivocal in appreciating their rights in democratic forms of governments in developing countries. Less are killed by nature and natural calamities but more by extermination using, a gradual process, where a society becomes its own enemy, unknowingly commits suicide by its own acts appeasing a majority and remaining sombre towards a few. A blind eye towards the criminal acts of a certain class of the rich, the powerful and the invincible leading to its own eventual demise. History has proved this fact.
It is the humans that improvise and develop machines and once humans are placed in the category of machines, their sense of thinking diminishes turning them into material that cannot think and their capacity to seek their rights and to innovate is lost leading to destruction of civilizations. It may benefit a few but in general, it is an annihilation of a society to take it back to the stone ages, to make them as slaves to run them like machines at the likes and dislikes of their masters or operators. The capacity of humans to argue is lost. Dignity of all humans must be respected or else it can be categorized as the most uncivilized and enslaved society having no value for human lives where human rights will remain a very far cry. The concept of Moral Obligation gradually deleted from the dictionary of mankind. There is a tendency in societies to enslave the weaker ensuing a chain reaction that is carried from the upper echelons of power to the man on the street. An example of a true corrupted society that is morally corrupt subduing the weaker down the line.
Despise those who carry a tendency of impeding human progress fear from the weaker who may also become as powerful and at par with the stronger. When there is a lack of humanity in humans, their sense of morality dies feeling their surroundings as a threat and therefore like King of the Jungle, initiate the process of eliminating this threat around them resorting to jungle law. The powerful, enjoying immunity and therefore act with impunity treating humans as machines and material to meet their unending alms for themselves in their individual capacity or as a group. When humans are treated as machines, their elimination is synonym to an old machine being junked.
The threat being the larger segment of society is marginalized and is forced to adapt to a culture suitable to the masters. Their leaders are selected and instated as a dominating force with unlimited powers to control this larger segment of society by a few following the historical and timeless concept of divide and rule. The societies in general are so suppressed in burdening them with their daily problems and giving them new leaders after certain time frames, wandering with no reason unknowingly of having lost their liberty. Innumerable opportunities are available in this world but greed of mankind limits the general masses to avail such opportunities considering it to be suitable only for the already powerful and the rich. Greed poisons the soul for all the others who take it as a threat that can trample their domain.
The wants of the greedy has enslaved themselves in their own self-considering all other human beings as a threat to their own existence. These greedy souls can go to any extent to enslave the rest of the society. LIBERTY can only be achieved by sacrifices and it all depends if a society has the capacity to sacrifice and are willing to do so. Self-contentment brings pride and pride brings confidence. The urge for needs multiplies and turns into greed and greed turns into harshness. Man becomes an animal and ravenous to be the fittest and the fittest become dominant to become a demagogue. But unfortunately time changes for all and the end has to come, kingdoms made and kingdoms lost. Such misdemeanours eventually lead to the widening of segregation and disintegration of societies.
In this society, no dearth for cynics with one finger pointing at others and four fingers pointing towards themselves but in a tipsy recluse in their own worlds blinded to the extent of ignorance towards the agonies of the societies in general. Such tendencies are suicidal for any nation like the Captain of a ship sinking the ship of which he is himself the Master not realizing that it eventually leads to his own demise. To some, power humbles and to the most power corrupts. Corrupt not only in terms of money but also in terms of kindness and humbleness towards their own surroundings in general. Word of God, “I will have no mercy on the merciless”. So mankind, forget not the day that you will be answerable to the Creator and therefore seek repentance in full belief before the fateful day in this life or the life thereafter engulfs you.
—The writer is freelance columnist.

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