Sindh police not at all trustworthy: Samir Shaikh


Sindh Police is not a trustworthy or morally upright institution anymore and should be ashamed, said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insafleader Samir Mir Shaikh.

Talking to media at Sindh High Court after his JIT petition hearing, he expressed his disappointment in the lack of morality in the institution of Sindh Police.

He said that Sindh Police acts as proxy and private servants of Sindh Government, and are deployed only to cause harm to those who expose the corrupt practices of Pakistan People’s Party and a select group of their fraudsters.

Further, Samir Shaikh said that IGP Mushtaq Maher only takes orders from the provincial government and has no inclination towards providing a safe haven to the civilians or any members of opposition within the province.

The PTI leader said that he was always certain that there would be personal backlash after he resigned from PPP and exposed their corruption but he didn’t realize that Sindh Police would act as an extension and private security firm of PPP and will engage in political vendetta.

PTI leader Samir Mir Shaikh said that he will make sure to go the whole nine yards to get justice for the illegal arrest and political victimization he faced, which was carried out by a “few black sheep” of the Sindh Police, even if it means approaching the Supreme Court.


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