Sindh police issue threat warning amid fear of terror attacks

Sindh police issue threat warning amid fear of terror attacks

Sindh police chief Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar has issued a threat warning regarding potential terror attacks based on intelligence reports and interrogations of militants from various organizations performed by counterterrorism wings.

The Sindh police chief issued a circular warning that possible sabotage actions may occur in the first few days of September, particularly between September 4 and September 7.

Miscreants in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh’s interior, may employ locally manufactured crackers and hand grenades to create anarchy or a climate of fear and intimidation, he added.

The provincial police chief instructed relevant police officials to ensure security at railway stations, electricity, gas, and railway lines, bus terminals, bus stands, power transmission lines, markets, wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, and other locations in their jurisdictions where large crowds gather.

The Sindh police chief has instructed authorities to increase police patrols in certain locations to guarantee that the lives and property of residents and government employees are properly protected.

According to the circular, field police officers should not be absent from any duty point under their authority, and duty stations should be staffed as soon as feasible. It has also instructed police officers to maintain contact with Special Branch and other law enforcement authorities as needed.

The circular was sent to district range, zonal additional IGPs, DIGs, SSPs, and SPs.

On June 4, Sindh’s Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) released the ninth edition of its ‘Red Book,’ which contains the names of terrorists sought by the Pakistani government, particularly in Sindh.

CTD Sindh head Omar Shahid Hamid released the Red Book. The latest update includes the names of well-known terrorists, including Daesh leaders and terrorists.

“Pakistan is in a state of war and at the moment, it is facing internal and external threats, including the challenge of terrorism, Hamid said.

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