Sindh likely to release wheat between 15-20 Oct


Sindh will likely to release wheat from its stocks between October 15 to 20, provincial food minister said on Wednesday. Sindh Food Minister Hari Ram Kishori Lal said that the provincial food department has sought permission from the Chief Minister of Sindh in writing for release of wheat to flour mills. In a statement provincial food minister said that the province had released wheat stocks to flour mills on October 27 in last year. He said the province will fix wheat price after approval for release of wheat stocks from the chief minister. Food Minister had earlier said that the department has sufficient reserves of wheat and the flour companies and mill present on the government roster would get the stocks on discounted rates. Sindh and federal governments have recently trade barbs over release of wheat from official stocks. Minister for National Food Security Syed Fakhr Imam in a recent statement said that the Sindh government repeatedly asked to release wheat from its official stock with a view to stabilising wheat flour price in the market but the provincial government’s continuous refusal was creating problems. “If the Sindh government releases wheat stock as soon as possible, the price of wheat flour in the market will decline. The federal government has written two letters to the provincial government to release wheat from its stock, Fakhar Imam said.