Sindh human rights secretary ‘goes missing


Staff Reporter
Secretary general of the Sindh Human Rights
Department, Dr Badar Jamil Mandhro, has been missing since Friday evening, prompting fears that he
has been abducted.Speaking to the media persons, his brother Javed Mandhro said Badar Jamil left his
house in Clifton, Karachi for work on Friday and has not been heard from since. “His number is off. There
is no contact with him or his driver,” he added.Sindh Police is investigating the matter, while Chief
Minister Murad Ali Shah has also taken notice of the incident and sought a report from Inspector
General Dr Syed Kaleem Imam and Anti-Corruption Establishment Chairman Muhammad Waseem.The
chief minister has also instructed state institutions to come forward if they have taken Jamil into
custody. It may be mentioned here that Mandhro is under investigation by the National Accountability
Bureau over alleged illegal sale of land that caused huge losses to the national exchequer.NAB had
alleged that Mandhro was involved in the illegal sale of land, which caused huge losses to the national
exchequer. Claiming that ample evidence was available to prove his involvement in the scam, the NAB
investigator had previously pleaded to the court to dismiss the former secretary’s bail, as he was not
entitled to such legal remedy.The NAB investigator informed the judges that an interim reference had
already been filed against the accused involved in the scam. However, the court’s restraining order
against Mandhro’s arrest was causing delays in trial proceedings before the accountability court
concerned.Filing a reply to NAB’s report, Mandhro’s lawyer refuted the allegations leveled by the anti-
graft watchdog against the petitioner and pleaded to the court to confirm his interim bail.