Sindh Health workers warn to go on token strike


President Sindh Paramedical Staff Welfare Association Akhlaq Khan has said that Sindh government is not fulfilling its promises. We are compelled to protest and all health worker from Karachi to Kashmorewill go on a token strike from 8 am to 10 am on Tuesday and Wednesday.

While addressing a meeting at Civil Hospital Karachi he said that Grand Health Alliance has put its demands before the Sindh government through a peaceful protest from Karachi to Kashmir against the closure of Health Risk Alliance.And then Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s assurance on the media that if the salaries and allowances of health workers in other provinces are more, then the government of Sindh will also increase the salaries and allowances of its employees, for which the government of Sindh on the assurance of the committee consisting of senior ministers, the problems of the health workers will be resolved in three days.

But unfortunately, neither Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s orders were followed nor practical work was done by the Committee of Ministers.As a result of which all the health workers from Karachi to Kashmore are very restless and angry.

He said that after the mutual consultation of the leaders of all the organizations involved in the Grand Health Alliance, it was unanimously decided that a two-hour token strike will be held from January 9 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from Karachi to Kashmore and on Thursday, the Grand Health Alliance will announce its future plans.

On this occasion, the leader of Grand Health Alliance, Akhlaq Ahmed Khan, through his video statement, appealed to all health workers from Karachi to Kashmore and said that they should join the peaceful token strike while maintaining unity in their ranks if the Sindh government accepts our demands. If not done, all the responsibility of the situation will fall on the government of Sindh.

President Civil Hospital Yusuf Khan, Chairman Salim Jameel, General Secretary Javed Ansari and others also addressed the meeting and expressed full confidence in Grand Health Alliance.