Sindh govt making daramas almost cheap flour: Haleem



Responding to the death of a labourer while procuring flour in Mirpurkhas, Leader of the Opposition Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Shaikh has said in his video statement that the incident in Mirpurkhas is very sad.

The opposition leader said that HarsinghKulhi, a labourerand father of 6 daughters, was trampled to death for getting cheap flour. The Sindh government is making dramas about cheap flour, but there is no cheap flour anywhere, thousands of people stand on a truck, many trucks are written on the record.

He said that a bigger disaster is to be expected, the inflation on which the Zardari mafia used to take out marches has now become a disaster. What should be done, the people sitting in the Sindh government are responsible for the murder, people are losing their lives to extinguish the fire of the poor stomach, they do not care about the people, starvation is happening in the homes of the poor, the price of flour has exceeded 160 per kg. There is no hope for an imported govt of PDM.