Sindh Assembly new building in ruins


Some parts of the new building of the Sindh Assembly have been completely destroyed following the August rains in the city. The assembly session couldn’t be held in the new building as the generator was not working Wednesday morning. Water had accumulated inside the building after torrential rainfall hit Karachi in the last week of August. The water was not cleared in time because of which there is wreckage inside the building. The furniture has been ruined and the wiring system isn’t working anymore. The building has been closed temporarily to repair the damage. The new building, which has cost over Rs4.64 billion, can accommodate 316 MPAs along with 200 guests and journalists in its expansive galleries unlike the old building which would burst at the seams when hosting just 168 members. The new building was commissioned to replace the old assembly building which has hosted sessions since before the partition. The new media gallery is larger and more comfortable. However, it is significantly further from where the legislators sit, making difficult to track proceedings.

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