Sindh allows police to recover Dua Zehra, arrest Zaheer


Sindh Home Department has allowed the police to recover Dua Zehra and arrest her ‘husband’ Zaheer Ahmed in the alleged kidnapping case.

Teenage girl Dua Zehra went missing from her house in Karachi on April 16 and later surfaced and announced to marry Zaheer in Lahore.

The home department in its letter has issued orders to the anti-violent crime cell (AVCC) for recovery of Dua and arrest of Zaheer Ahmed in the abduction case.

“The in-charge police party should get transit remand from court after arrests,” according to the government order. “Be careful of human rights while shifting the accused and the abductee to Karachi,” the letter read. “The officer in-charge should also take care that no person from the opposite party travel with the accused,” according to the letter.

Dua Zehra will be shifted to Karachi after her recovery with the permission of the Punjab home department.

Investigation Officer of Dua Zehra case, on Saturday told the court that presence of Zaheer Ahmed in Karachi, has been confirmed on April 16, the day of the abduction incident.

In a progress report submitted in the court, the IO said that the CDR record has been attained. Accused Zaheer Ahmed was present in Karachi on April 16.

“After the CDR we have substantial evidence against the accused.

The case challan against the accused will be submitted in court,” the IO said in his progress report.

The police sought the court’s permission to keep clauses pertaining to underage marriage in the case.

“A Permission being sought from the Sindh government for recovery of Dua Zehra from Punjab,” according to the report.

A report of a medical board formed to assess the age of Dua Zehra, determined her age at 14 to 15 years keeping in view her physical appearance while the age determined through her teeth is between 13 to 15 years.

The bone ossification test however revealed her age between 16 to 17 years.

The report concluded that after consultation between medical experts on multiple factors determining her age, it has been agreed that the girl is aged between 15 to 16-year-old.

The report was signed by the chairman and other 10 members of the medical board.


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