Sindh Action Committee announces hunger strike across Sindh



The parties included in the Sindh Action Committee will held 24-hour symbolic hunger strike at the all divisional headquarters of Sindh on 7-8 January against the establishment of a parliamentary committee on the formation of new provinces and the resolution passed by the People’s Party in the Sindh Assembly regarding Articles 144 and 147.

According to plan a symbolic hunger strike will be held outside the Karachi Press Club on January 7 from 2 pm for 24 hours under the leadership of Sindh United Party President Syed Zain Shah, which will continue until January 8, at the end of the hunger strike, Syed Zain Shah will talk to the media outside the Karachi Press Club.

A symbolic hunger strike will be led by Ayaz Latif Plaju, Masroor Shah, Roshan Barro in Hyderabad, Aslam Khairpuri in Mirpurkhas, Ameer Azad Phanur, Sindhi Adabi Sangat in Nawabshah, Lal Shah in Larkana and Riyaz Chandev in Sukkur.

Meanwhile, Chairman Sindh United Party and Convener Sindh Action Committee Syed Jalal Mahmood Shah have said that the People’s Party has always looted the wealth and resources of Sindh for the sake of power. With the collusion of PDM and People’s Party, a committee has been formed for the establishment of new provinces, the aim of which is to divide Sindh, which we will not allow to succeed.

He said that the People’s Party has passed the resolution in the Sindh Assembly by rolling back the 18th Amendment and handed over the investment and other administrative powers to the Federation through Article 144 and 147 of the Constitution, which has cleared the ugly face of the People’s Party. The People’s Party has been exposed. On the one hand, the People’s Party is creating a drama of the 18th Amendment. On the other hand, under a conspiracy, Sindh is being divided and the islands and lands of Sindh are also being handed over to the Federation, which is a very shameful act. People’s Party is betraying Sindh by negotiating the division of Sindh.

He further said that we will thwart every nefarious plot to weaken Sindh. A strong national unity system is the foundation of a stable Pakistan. The People’s Party and PDM are attacking the unity of Sindh for nefarious political purposes.

Syed Jalal Mahmood Shah demanded that the parliamentary committee on the establishment of new provinces should be dissolved immediately and the resolutions passed by the Sindh Assembly regarding the functions of the provinces under Article 144 and 147 should also be immediately withdrawn.

Syed Jalal Mahmood Shah warned the government and said that they should stop the tactics being used against Sindh; otherwise they will not even find a place to hide. We appeal to the bar councils of Sindh, lawyers, writers, intellectuals and the people of Sindh to expose the disgusting face of the People’s Party and come to the field against the conspiracies against Sindh and Support us, he urged,