Silver Jubilee celebrations of PMAS AAUR conclude


On Friday the day started with a seminar to educate students of the common diseases prevailing in Pakistani society and the ways to address them.

In the seminar Dr M Umer, Vice-Chancellor Rawalpindi Medical University participated as a chief guest where the vice-chancellor of PMAS AAUR Prof. Dr Qamar-uz-Zaman was also present along with the dean & directors

During Address Dr M Umer appreciated the efforts of the arid university for technical and educational sessions to educate the youngsters and said that the increasing rate of health issues in Pakistan is alarming and leading the country to new kinds of diseases that are difficult to treat because of the lack of finances and economic conditions.

He said that along with the economic condition of the country, illiteracy, unawareness and poverty of the majority of the people are causing these problems with each passing day.

Addressing the participants, Prof. Dr Qamar Zaman said that there is no doubt that health-related problems are increasing day by day in our country but many of them are communicable which could be addressed by just changing our lifestyle.

He advised the students that they are the architects and the future of Pakistan so they should be aware people about all these communicable diseases as they can prevent without spending any money because this will not only benefit the people economically but also save the country money which the government will be able to spend on other diseases.

Later on, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Agriculture Faisalabad Prof. Dr Iqrar A. Khan along with Prof. Dr Qamar-uz-Zaman inaugurated the poster exhibitions displayed by the university’s PhDs students to present their research work.

Dr Iqrar while critically reviewing all the posters being displayed at the exhibition suggested that this type of exhibition should be repeated after some time which will increase the students’ ability to work in the field.

Welcoming Dr Iqrar’s suggestion, Dr Qamar informed that the university not only intends to hold these exhibitions in repetition but also intends to conduct training on making and presenting posters and presentations to enhance the capacity of the students.

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