Shura Hamdard for adopting modern management system to promote business


Staff Reporter Justice Retired Haziq-ul-Khairi expressed serious concern over the economic problems of the country, saying that factors such as profiteering and hoarding of essential food items to artificially create a price hike were the main causes of higher inflation The jurist was addressing the Shura Hamdard meeting on the title of “Economic Stability or Economic Crisis: The Current Economic Scenario of Pakistan” at Hamdard Corporate Office on Monday. He further said inflation was artificially created by the hoarders to gain maximum monetary benefits on the cost of the sufferings of common middle to middle-low income households. “Such practice is beyond comprehension and government must take strict action against those individuals involved in this heinous crime,” he said. He added that founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam warned the rural landlords and the business community not to commit this crime. However the feudal lords are still part of this practice. Former bureaucrat Musarat Ikram said “It is imperative to have a well-established management system to have sustainable economic development.” She pointed out the overall management of Hamdard Pakistan and called it an exemplary management. “Even after the sad demise of Hakim Said, his organization continues to grow and all affiliated/associated institutions are still following his philosophy,” she said. Director Programs Hamdard Saleem Mughal said “Government plays a crucial part in economic drive. The five-year plan introduced by former President Ayub Khan was praised all over the world. We need such commitment and vision. He also highlighted the importance of Chairperson Hamdard Pakistan Mrs. Sadia Rashid also attended the Shura meeting. Justice Haziq-ul-Khairi presented the English translation of his book to Sadia Rashid.