Shiv Sena refuses to ‘celebrate’ abrogation of Article 370



Even the Hindu extremist organization Shiv Sena has admitted that “the joy that was seen on the faces of the [Hindu] people on the abrogation of Article 370” has vanished into the blue due to anti-people policies being pursued by the regime post revocation of Kashmir’s special status.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Shiv Sena IIOJK chief Manish Sahni addressing a press conference in Jammu said, “Therefore as a result of govt’s anti-people policies being pursued post abrogation Shiv Sena, which observes August 5 as “Sampuran Vile divas” Complete Merger Day, has decided not to celebrate the third anniversary of the decision this year”.

Sahni said that the Indian government led by the BJP has taken full political advantage of the decision by propagating falsehood to whole India on the situation in Kashmir.

As such the people feel betrayed and have no reason to celebrate with their miseries having multiplied.

Shiv Sena Chief said the killing of innocents in Kashmir besides rising unemployment in J&K has destroyed all the happiness due to the despair prevailing among the youth. The fact remains that for the last three years, the people of Jammu and Kashmir are waiting for restoration of status and democratic process that has not happened till date.—INP


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