Shifa Hospital conducts first-ever aortic valve replacement procedure


Staff Reporter

The Cardiology team of Shifa international Hospital (SIH) has performed first ever Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) procedure on an elderly patient suffering from critical heart condition.
Previously, patients needing Aortic Valve replacement had to undergo open-heart surgery. However, with this new interventional procedure, heart valves can be replaced through a very small opening in groin of patients.
TAVI has emerged as a major breakthrough in the field of interventional cardiology and is seen as a milestone in this particular field in any Pakistan hospital.
The hospital is now recognized as an alternative for selected high risk patients for standard valve replacement surgery.
According to a statement issued by the hospital here Monday the procedure was performed by a team led by Dr Asaad A Khan (Consultant Interventional Cardiologist), who has experience of performing more than 500 TAVI procedures in United States (US).
Shifa international hospital, Islamabad is committed in its efforts to introducing advanced treatment options to benefit larger patient populations, the statement further said.

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