Sheikh asks people to join movement against drugs sale


Haleem Adil Sheikh, the central vice president of PTI and the Leader of Opposition in Sindh Assembly, has said that it was the high time to effectively  launch the protest  movement against the open sale of drugs  and narcotics in every nook and corner of the Sindh province under the nose of the police officials.

He said that use of the drugs, which was easily available due to the criminal act of the police officials, had already destroyed the lives of thousands of the youths and would further push the new generation towards the bleak future if the menace not resisted and curbed.

The PTI leader said that they had planned to register their protest against drug peddling  by gathering at Haider Chowk  Hyderabad on Sunday in Hyderabad to create awareness among the people to raise their voice against the social crime and menace.

He said that they would launch the march from Haider Chowk to Hyderabad Press Club to register their protest against the social evils, which were eating into very essentials and destroying the lives of youths.

“This peaceful protest has nothing to do with  politics  but we must  launch an effective movement to pressure the Sindh government to curb this  menace,” he added and said  that all people people from various walks of life including religious scholars, members of the civil society, should raise the collective voice for our future generations.

Sheikh  invited people from all walks of life to join them in their peaceful protest. “Once those police officers who were involved in sale of the smuggled oil and petrol  are now patronizing and marketing the narcotics,” he observed and said that all contraband were easily available in any part of the province.