SHC sets free Perween murder accused again



The Sindh High Court on Monday accepted the appeals of Perween Rehman murder case accused and ordered the Sindh police to release them.

The court declared the MPO order null and void and directed the police to set free the detained accused.

Sindh IG police Ghulam Nabi Memon appeared before the court.

Justice Karim Khan Agha who was hearing the appeals filed by the accused asked the IGP under which law the police detained them when the accused had already been acquitted by the same court.

“Did they go to Orangi Town after their release from the court,” the judge asked the IG police.

IG Memon replied in negative saying that the police had got some intelligence reports.

Expressing its exasperation, the court asked the IGP who told him about the intelligence reports.

Justice Agha remarked that the court would not accept any excuse in this regard, rebuking the police that they were saying that the accused were criminals but not bringing any evident against them. He demanded the CRO (criminal record) of the accused.