Sharjeel urges masses to follow Covid-19 SOPs to prevent disease spread


Sindh  Minister for Information, Transport and Mass Transit departments, Sharjeel Inam Memon while appealing the people of the province has said that COVID-19 cases have been increasing in the  Karachi city and other parts of the province and masses should adopt precautionary measures and to follow Covid-19’s standard operating procedure (SOPs) , wearing of mask and social distancing  should be ensured to stay safe.

He urged upon people to get vaccinated and take booster shots as  government is extending free of cost facility.

While talking to a private TV channel, provincial Minister said Sindh government has  made adequate arrangements at all major hospitals to deal with any emergency like situation. “Precaution is the only  biggest step to prevent from this contiguous disease, but, unfortunately citizens are ignoring to follow covid SoPs,” he said. People niether wearing  masks, nor ensuring social distancing . He said that the doses of anti COVID-19 vaccine and booster shots, helps to reduce severe the effects .He added that if  anyone feel any symptom of the coronavirus, he should  get tested immediately. The Sindh government is providing free of cost  facility of covid test.


“Unfortunately, people are not getting tested and  hiding coronavirus disease which put themselves, their children, family and parents at risk,” he said. He said that Sindh government not considering on  any policy of closing markets, bazaars, restaurants and wedding halls  at the moment adding that in the current economic situation of the country, policy of closure of shops and markets cannot be adopted.


He said that it became the norm of the society to leave all responsibility on the government instead  but if people themselves to  start following covid SoPs,  the situation could be overcomed and remained better.


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